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3 Best Seasons to Avail Goa Tour Packages

One of the biggest reasons why Goa tour packages are a rage among travelers is that these can be availed any time of the year. The state lies in the tropical zone and this reflects in the regional climate. An average annual mean of around 25 degree Celsius means that the state can be thronged in any month. Even in the height of summers, the temperature here rarely goes beyond 30 degrees and this has made it a popular summer holiday destination.

Summers, winters, and monsoons are the three prominent seasons experienced in the state and each one of them brings a different charm. This aura mainly rests on the shoulders of the activities that can be enjoyed here during these seasons. Detailed below are the reasons to visit the state in these three amazing time periods and what all can be done then.



Winters, lasting from November to February, is unarguably the best time to avail Goa travel packages. During this time, the weather is cool, pleasant and mostly dry, allowing wonderful sightseeing and touring. This is also the time when the beaches swell with enormous crowds of people making the features more lively. As Christmas and New Year approach, the local party scene takes on a whole new form. The seafronts light up, DJs and music artists arrive, the drinks pour and the never-ending madness begins. Locals and visitors dance all night long and enjoy life to the fullest. These beach parties have become bigger, better and more popular with each passing year, and the number of international performers is also increasing rapidly.


The summer season, arriving in April and lasting until late June is perfect for water sports. Warm seawater and the generally calm winds beckon people from afar to indulge in adventurous activities in the Arabian Sea. Scuba diving is gaining immense popularity here especially as qualified instructors offer courses in the sport. Other such thrilling activities that can be enjoyed in the region are water skiing, windsurfing, parasailing and water scooter riding. A summer tour here can be modified by going on weekend getaways from Goa for some more adventurous activities. The most well-known destinations to visit from the state on a short notice are Lonavala and Kamshet, both of which are in the neighboring state of Maharashtra. While hot air ballooning can be experienced in Lonavala, paragliding is the preferred sport in Kamshet.


Goa vacation packages may be availed during the monsoons to witness lush forests and to sightsee. Though the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries may be closed, people can still stroll in the cities and towns to visit the attractions here. Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, Basilica of Bom Jesus, National Aviation Museum, Se Cathedral and Casino Royale are some marvellous sites that can be visited with Goa tour packages. A huge advantage of coming to the state during monsoons is that it is the lean tourist season. The bus and air tickets for this destination are the cheapest during the rainy season, which generally lasts between June and September. Accommodation prices will also be the lowest and hence this can be a great period to plan a budget holiday.

These are the three best seasons to avail Goa tour packages and spend a memorable vacation with family and friends.

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