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5 Totally Simple Bedroom Design Ideas For Spring

Perhaps the bedroom in the image is a little over the top for some of us, but it is great that we have such a mixture of tastes. The world would be a pretty boring place if we all liked the same things.

Your annual project this year may be a bedroom renovation. It is a great chance to get the room of which you have always dreamed. We will address a few basic design ideas, in this article, that you could apply to your bedroom that does not involve knocking walls out or extending.



A sure way to create more space in your bedroom is to throw those rickety old free standing wardrobes away. If you are lucky enough to have an alcove, it is a straightforward job for the average DIYer to create your own built-in wardrobes. You will need to buy some doors and hinges. Planed timber can be used to build the frame for the doors to hang on. Simply make sure you leave the correctly sized openings when constructing the frame. A large, built in wardrobe goes a long way to solving the clutter problem in your bedroom.


Only you can decide on the color scheme for your room. Painting is a quick and cheerful way to brighten your bedroom quickly. Will you choose bright cheery colors, or deep romantic reds, for when Dr. Lurve is in town? It is very effective to put wallpaper on one wall, usually the bed head side. With a million designs of paper out there, you will find something that catches your eye eventually.


You may consider ripping up your threadbare carpet and installing some new shiny laminate. This flooring is fairly easy to lay on a weekend with just a hand saw. A higher quality finish will be achieved, however, if the skirting boards are removed and replaced on top of the laminate. Your bedroom can then be refreshed at any time by using and swapping, rugs.


Lighting can completely change the mood of your room. Bedside lamps are useful and consider using table lamps on the floor in the corner of the room, to give up-lighting and create shadows. Use different color bulbs and shades. Simply moving lamps around can make the room appear different.

Task lighting for grooming, etc, is best achieved by putting light fittings either side of your mirror where possible.


Do away with your old nets and curtains you bought five years ago. Treat yourself to some modern blinds. There are many varieties available from roman blinds to solar blinds. Each style comes in a whole spectrum of exciting or romantic colors so it is easy to find something to suit your purpose.  If the blinds are fitted within the window recess, it is still possible to have curtains as well, as you can see in the image.

The beauty of these changes is that they are all relatively inexpensive, and anyone project can be carried out on a weekend. Before you know it, you will be the proud owner of your dream bedroom where your personality will be on a show. You will have many other ideas along the way and my only advice is to be bold and have fun. Traditional can be boring sometimes.

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