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Benefits of Dormers in Long Island

What are Dormers?

The word dormer is derived from the middle French dormer, meaning "sleeping room. Dormers are the roofed structures which usually contains a window which framed in a vertical dimension beyond the plane of a pitched roof. A dormer is a form of roof window. They are structured to increase the common space in a house roof. Dormer windows bring more natural light into any room with a vaulted ceiling.

As many of the people still got confused between the normal roof window and a dormer window for clearing that issue or confusion you can learn more about the dormer windows on the long island via

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How it can be useful?

Dormers usually create more space in your condo or house and look more attractive than a simple roof window. It creates more light and space and even looks attractive from the outside of the home or church or wherever it is made.

There are some reasons why you should install a dormer in your homes or anywhere you want:

  • It gives attractive looks to your house.
  • It creates more space on your roof.
  • It creates more natural light in your roof.
  • It is available in various designs so that it can suit your house décor.
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