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Best Invisible Dog Fence for Labs

Without a doubt a Labrador is one of the most popular dogs out there. They are sporting dogs for some and family dogs for others. They are wonderful, gentle companions for humans in most cases. However, their natural instinct to hunt and retrieve is undeniable. This can be a problem sometimes when you have a regular fence to try to keep them in. They can climb, jump and dig. Since they are usually large dogs, keeping them in and be a problem.

Labs are also known for their intelligence. They are very smart dogs and are usually easily trainable. This is one reason that so many Lab owners are choosing invisible fencing to keep them in their yard. If you own a Lab and are having problems with them digging under or climbing over your current fence or if you have a new Lab puppy and need a new fence installed, going with invisible could be the best solution.

Since there are so many wired and wireless invisible fence options available, you must do a little research first to make sure you are getting exactly what you need. What you go with will depend on how much yard you need to cover. Since Labs are large dogs, they will need more space to run around than smaller dogs need because they have to get enough exercise. Labs are very active dogs, so you want to provide them with the area they need.

The SportDog Brand In Ground fence system can be a great choice for a Lab. This fence can cover over and acre and can be added to to cover many acres! However, this is not the only great option for a Lab and I found other choices at When your dog is important to you, it is absolutely necessary to have a fence that you can rely on to keep them at home!

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