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Changing CPU priority in Windows

In order to make CPU priority to prefer foreground apps you’ll need to follow particular procedure.

Every single application working inside computer either in the foreground or perhaps in background will likely be given with selected time period from CPU. The higher programs it has to handle at one time, the fewer it assigns time for each app. Every app takes some amount of time.

The time might be evenly distributed of all the programs or perhaps a certain application could get longer resource since then resulting in different software to get a shorter time relatively. The software that will get the most of that time period from CPU functions rapidly whereas the lower priority application will work slowly.

If you want your foreground programs to perform faster then you need to set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps. You possibly can follow two procedure given below.

Changing CPU priority in Windows By Registry Editor

Step 1

Open run, write regedit and press enter to open Registry Editor.

Step 2

Proceed to the following registry key in the Registry Editor.


Stage 3

Change value of Win32PrioritySeparation to make CPU provide priority to select foreground software.

Double click on the Win32PrioritySeperation field of Registry Editor where you can look at value data to be 2. If you want to modify the efficiency of the foregrounds apps to become much better, in that case , just specify the Value data as 26.

In order to increase functionality of background apps then set Value data as 18. According to your needs you can easily change the CPU priority between background and foreground apps through either control panel or via registry editor.

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