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Expected 2018 Swimwear Trends

Courtesy: Underlines Magazine

The reason why we are all so invested in watching the fashion weeks is because we want to know the upcoming trends and follow them. Amongst all other fashion shows, the Miami Swim Week is a fairly common one. All the trends that we see on the runway during this show makes it to the stores immediately.

With summer 2018 coming up shortly, we have compiled a list of upcoming swimwear trends. Here are some of the hits that we think will make it to the beaches:

  • Tassels

This trend did not fade away in just one season, every designer incorporated tassel into the wardrobe one way or the other. We have enough reasons to believe that this trend will continue to shine.

  • Suspenders and Harnesses

While the swimwear doesn’t fall off easily, the designers added these in almost every other article. Be prepared to see them in different ways.

  • Sheer Panels

This was a big hit and we believe that people will actually love this trend in real life. The swimsuits, instead of cutouts, had sheer panels which we loved.

  • Sleeves

This was a major hit, some swim wears had ruffled sleeves, and some went for the classic full sleeve while others embraced off shoulders. It was interesting to see such diverse takes on swim suits.

  • Floral vs. Metallic

These two trends caught our eyes the most and we believe that we will be seeing a lot more of these on the beaches. We loved the metallic as much as we loved the floral, so we cannot pick a clear winner.

You can find swimwear Australia wide, however in order to make the most out of it, it is better if you wait a bit longer.

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