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How to Register a Domain with a Hosting Service?


Whether its work or leisure, internet plays a massive role in our lives. One of the most important factors that need consideration is domain name. When we browse a website on the internet, the IP address links between the website and the PC. If you wish to register for a domain, this is the procedure you need to follow.

  • Select a Preferred Route – Website consists of series of files, and they need to be saved later. You can save these files either on your PC or on company’s servers. Many webhosting services can register a domain name on your behalf. Select a proper route and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Choose a Hosting Service –There are many services who can host your website. Different services provide different policies and prices and hence, choose a reputable one that suits you.
  • Use an Availability Checker – When you type the domain name you want, use availability checker. They help to let you know whether the domain you typed is available or not. Some checkers tell you if there’s an alternate domain name with a different price.
  • Fill their Forms – You need to provide basic information about you by filling their forms. The information you provide can be made public or private depending on you.
  • Pay – After registering your domain name, you need to pay them.
  • Use their Tools –After registering, you can use their tools to make changes on your website.

Always buy domain compared to just registering for free.

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