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How to Work In the US on a Temporary Work Visa

If you want to work from the US on a nonimmigrant visa according to the federal laws, then you need to request the particular visa in line with this work that you undertake. Just then will you document to your visa beneath some of the temporary work visas:

Q visa- International cultural exchange people

L – Within firm transferees.

O visa: Foreigners/Aliens with outstanding abilities in education/art/business/sport.

H 1b visa: Specialty job according to high skills, direction, and crucial understanding.

H 2 visa: Immediate agricultural labor/seasonal employees. You can navigate Russian visa agency to get more knowledge about online visa services.


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D visa: Crewmembers

Dtc visa: Spiritual employees

EVisa: Investor and investors

Ivisa: International networking, media, and wireless

If you're thinking about any one of these visas, then it would help you to be aware that the temporary agricultural worker and seasonal worker visa demands that the prospective employer to be given consent by the Department of Labor alongside the labor credentials and also other considerations for that potential or new employee for filing the visa application. 

A number of those mandatory records That Have to pack comprise:

· Form DS160 That Is the Non-immigrant visa digital application that Has to Be registered on the Web

· Present 2×2" passport photo according to particular US consulate demands

· For all those filing for blanket L visa Ought to Have Form I-129S

 At the right time of this meeting to its temporary work visa, an electronic fingerprint scanning is completed and though a few bail applicants may call for additional administrative documentation and application processing which requires a couple more days. 


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