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Identity Theft Is Not Just About Credit Cards

Theft of your Medical Identity can allow thieves to access health care and prescription drug purchases using your information and health insurance. What if they use it to get drug tests or aid screening and are found positive? How would that affect your life and future? Their blood type could compromise your care when you go into the hospital.

Someone driving under your driver’s license number could commit DUI and even have an accident that could lead to litigation. You could be asleep at home when it happened, but because it is your number you are the one who is charged with the crime. If you are the victim of identity theft then you can hire the best white collar solicitor in San Francisco.

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They could just commit any crime using your name and put you into jail. These are now serious situations that went far past the problem we see as problems that hurt the credit report and our credit score. These situations require legal help to reverse.

You need to find a way to protect and monitor your information now before someone gets to it to use. Credit monitoring and repair are on the minds of the population because of the news media concentrating on the most newsworthy cases of credit and identity fraud.

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