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Loafers or Boat Shoes the Great Male Footwear Decision

Over recent years there has been an increasing amount of interest in loafers and boat shoes, although whether some people can differentiate between the two is debatable. They are regarded as being slightly more stylish than the standard shoe or trainer and one of the more popular footwear items on the market at the current time. Nevertheless, there are few differences in terms of their appearance and we’ll, therefore, take a look at which type could be the most suitable for you.


Firstly, it is worth describing in basic terms what each shoe comprises. While each brand will create their own features, both are regarded as smart footwear although the big difference is that boat shoes are slightly squarer and have laces. It’s the lace-factor that makes a lot of people make their choice but if you are still sat on the fence, here are several issues that might help you decide.

Cost With cost being one of the biggest deterrents for a lot of people searching for clothes, we thought it would be appropriate to discuss this issue first. While it can sometimes be difficult to compare the cost of general clothing because of the varying qualities that are available, if we take a look at the Nicholas Deakin’s shoes at it is easy to see that prices are practically comparable to loafers from this particular brand. This means that unfortunately, the price of the shoes is probably not going to be a deciding factor for you.

Occasions If you happen to be a keen sailor, it goes without saying that boat shoes are highly appropriate as this is exactly what they were initially designed for! While they are rarely used for this nowadays, they can be regarded as being a sportier option and this means that they tend to be worn with active wear.

Loafers, on the other hand, are much more versatile although while boat shoes can be fashionably worn with shorts, loafers simply don’t match mainly because of their lack of shoelaces which makes them a little more formal.

Complimentary Clothing As the previous paragraph indicated, there’s practically no possibility of loafers being worn with shorts. However, alongside practically all other types of clothing, they do work, with this related to both formal and informal wear.

Boat shoes meanwhile are regarded as a more informal option and if you tend to wear jeans on a regular basis, they can prove to be very effective. They certainly won’t look improper alongside formal wear, but if you are going to be primarily using the footwear for business events there’ no doubt that loafers triumph in this regard.

Durability From a durability perspective, loafers are probably the winning option. While they certainly cannot be described as one of the most hardwearing types of footwear on the market, in comparison to boat shoes they are slightly better.

This is because the latter are not susceptible to the colder months and should not be worn during this time of year.