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Med Watcher: An Eye on Defective Medical Device Manufacturers

An estimated 1.5 million people each year are injured due to negative side effects. Reporting negative side effects helps the FDA make vaccines, drugs, and medical devices manufacturerssafer for everybody.

Med Watcher: An Eye on Defective Medical Device Manufacturers

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One may say that it is too little too late, but many are saying better be late than overdue forever. Indeed the FDA took over 3 years to realize the gravity of the situation in launch an app which produces drugs, vaccines, and devices safer.

It’s known as the Med Watcher, and it is already a huge hit. However, it is not just another program for your Smartphone with hardly any use. Having a phenomenal growth in hip replacement litigation and increasing failure rate of medical devices, FDA has chosen to not be a mute spectator from the sufferings of receivers.

FDA believes that voluntary coverage is the principal way of detecting rare, but severe side effects. Med Watcher from FDA is a new method to monitor and report the side effects of medication, medical devices, and vaccines.

You may use Med Watcher to be upon any government security alerts and know about any side effects other individuals have run into following hip replacement surgery.

If you encounter a problem you think was caused by a faulty medical device, submit a report with the Report button, and allow the FDA and the remainder of the Med Watcher community know about it. Your report makes a difference! It enables the community to better understand the possible risks and helps keep physicians and government officials informed also.

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