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Painted Gift Boxes

Gift giving can be a pleasant task as may be present wrapping. Gift wrap can be done in a number of ways with a present box with handmade wrap utilizing paper, cloth and other fancy substances so as to customize the present.   Hand painting present boxes is just one fantastic way to boost the expression of present box to be introduced.

First it’s crucial to select the ideal type of box.  A square kind of box, hearts and stars may be utilized as it comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. A few of those boxes just need painting of this lid. The thickness of this lid will have to be taken under account. You can purchase the best quality ‘ premium packaging ‘ with reasonable price rates.

A thin coating of oil paint is required cover the outer region of the lid. The very first layer has to be permitted to dry for a couple minutes before continuing with the next measure.  In the event the box is revealing its first brown color throughout the paint then just apply a different layer of coloured paint before the brownish has stopped to reveal.

The paint needs to dry thoroughly; if not it’s possible to use a hair drier or mall enthusiast may be employed to wash off it. The size and kind of this box is equally significant and is essential if you would like to earn the ideal impression, since it will improve the hand painted appearance. The box could be wrapped with lace or be watertight; it makes it more attractive when lace is utilized.

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