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Sea View Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Istanbul is surrounded with water and may be split into two peninsulas, one can be found in the Europe continent as well as another one is found in the Asia continent.  Together with all the Black Sea at northwest, the Sea of Marmara at south along with a strait known as the Bosphorus linking them; Istanbul becomes a exceptional town to reside in.

The water round Istanbul has different landmarks and places such as Prince’s Islands, the Maiden’s Tower and manicured homes that extends to you a background to see, places to visit along with a stunning sight to your visual enjoyment. You can purchase the best properties for sale in Istanbul with reasonable prices.

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Because of Istanbul’s great historic background, you will find historical facts in addition to myths about different buildings and areas such as the myths concerning the Maiden’s Tower. The very popular one of st Turkish individuals is all about an emperor as well as a priest for the cherished daughter.

It’s been stated that an oracle asserted that her son could be killed by a venomous snake.  On the Lady’ 18th birthday that the emperor introduced a basket of fruits as a present. The queen attained the basket to acquire a fruit however there was a asp concealed in the basket and also little. The prophecy came true, the girl expired and there is the title of this tower.

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