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Simple Ways to Save Money

If you are looking for ways to save a little extra money each month to put into your savings, pay off debts, or build a larger emergency fund, there are many simple things you can do. Below are a few tips to help you save up a little more—or a lot more—each month.

Rethink Your Cable Service Since today we have the ability to stream many of our favorite TV shows online, cable TV may not be as necessary as you think. Look to see which of your favorite shows you can stream, watch online at the network’s website, or wait to see on DVD. If you aren’t able to give up your cable altogether, look for ways to lower your monthly cable bill, such as downgrading to a less expensive package, switching to satellite, or bundling your cable, Internet, and cell phone.

Save On Eating Out While eating out can be a social outlet, oftentimes eating out is done primarily for convenience. For example, your morning trip to the coffee shop can really add up over time. If you have not yet set a budget for eating out, it is time to create one. The easiest way to limit your budget for eating out is to invest in a coffee maker at home, drink the free coffee at work, and start packing your lunches and snacks so that you will spend less eating out during the workweek.


Buy in Bulk Sometimes single individuals or small families forgo buying in bulk because they are not able to go through their bulk items before they spoil, or they don’t have the room to store all that extra stuff. However, buying in bulk for items that are used daily, such as toiletries and cleaning supplies, can really save a lot of money. If you do not have the space to store your bulk items, or if you are not able to eat bulk food before it spoils, buy in bulk and split it with a friend.

DIY Projects When the leg of one of your dining room table chairs breaks, or when you are looking for gift ideas for birthdays and holidays, consider a DIY project. When you fix and make things yourself, you will not only save money, you will also enjoy beautiful, one-of-a-kind arts, crafts, and gifts.

Buy Reusable Products Any time you can swap an item you buy regularly for a reusable alternative, you save money. This could mean purchasing water bottles and beverage containers that allow you to take your favorite drinks with you when you are on the go, swapping out paper towels and napkins for cloth ones, or investing in a self-cleaning litter box that does not require new liter to be added daily.

Swap Instead of Shop fun party trend popping up around the nation is swap instead of shop parties. Shop instead of swap parties can be held for any household items or for specific items like clothing and accessories. This way each attendee of the party will walk away with something new, get rid of items they no longer use that are taking up valuable room in their home, and save money, all at the same time.

Some of these tips will help you save a lot of money each month, and some only a little—but every little bit ads up. This article was written by Richard Craft, an MBA student who hopes to help you with your personal finances. He writes this on behalf of Smart Prepaid Electric, your number one choice when looking for the best rates for electricity.

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