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Things You Need To Know About the Spray Foam Insulation

Every now and then you must have heard of ‘spray foam insulation’ but might not be familiar with its working. Spray foam insulation is a relatively newer technique of insulating your home as compared to the fiberglass and cellulose insulation.

Spray foam insulation is an insulating material that forms an air barrier shield and seals the walls, ceiling, and cavities of the home against air movement. If you are looking for the insulation works of your home, you can receive a quote from the professionals here

Things You Need To Know About the Spray Foam Insulation

No doubt spray foam insulation provides a better air seal against the air movement than the other types of insulation. But it is a little costly.

Do you know what spray foam insulation is made of?

Spray foam insulation is made by mixing two chemicals. These chemicals react with each other to form the dense foam. Chemicals used to make spray foam insulation come in containers or drums in liquid form. One container marked as the ‘A’ side, contains one kind of chemical and the other container marked as ‘B’ contains the other chemical.

The chemical in ‘A’ side container is made up of methylene diphenyl diisocyanate and polymeric methylene diisocyanate whereas ‘B’ side contains a blend of polyols, catalysts, flame retardant and the blowing agent. 

Both chemicals react with each other to create spray foam. Spray foam insulation forms a quite dense layer that fills every nook and corner of the walls. Installation of spray foam insulation should be entirely left at the hand of the professionals.

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