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Tips for Becoming a Successful Makeup Artist

So, you graduated from cosmetology school and are now free to express your creativity and share your talent with the world. You’re not a household name like Bobbi Brown, but you’ve got flair.

How can you break into an industry that’s based on freelance work? In order to be a successful freelance makeup artist, you must first learn how to market yourself and your name. If you are a cosmetology graduate, you probably already know that the industry is based on experience and networking.

Therefore, if you have the expertise, you must spend the bulk of your time on networking and turn your name into a brand.

Below are some tips on how to become a successful freelance makeup artist. If you focus on networking, establishing a clientele, and perfecting your craft, you will have no trouble finding work.


Find Your Niche Decide which market best suits your style. For example, some makeup artists work solely as theatrical makeup artists while others are editorial artists for film and television. You can also become a wedding makeup artist if you can build a solid rapport with wedding planners.

Once you’ve found your niche, do research. Study your niche’s trends: past and present. Having this knowledge will set you apart from other freelance artists and show that you are dedicated to your craft.

Network You must first work on building a reputation and clientele. Social media is the most effective way to network and show off your skills. Purchase a reliable smartphone, like the Google Nexus 3, or tablet so that you can always be connected to your clients when you’re on the move.

Whenever you do a client’s makeup, snap a quick photo and upload it to your Facebook and Twitter pages. Even if you’re experimenting with yourself, show it off. The more your friends and fans see your work, the more interested they’ll be the next time they need their makeup done. Get to know event planners in your area. That way, if they’re ever looking for someone to do makeup for an event (wedding, gala, etc.) they have your contact information available.

Start a Professional Portfolio This will not consist of those mobile pictures you’re posting on your Facebook page. You will need professional photographs of your work for your professional portfolio.

The great thing about being a makeup artist is that if you network enough, you will often be asked to do make up for a photo shoot. Once the photographer puts the photos into his respective portfolio, simply ask if you can use it. The more photo shoots you work on, the more photos you’ll have for your portfolio.

Invest in a Variety of Quality Products This is a no-brainer for most makeup artists-you need a variety of dependable makeup and tools to use. Having a decent variety will make your job easier. And don’t forget about where you store it all. When you’re a mobile makeup artist, you travel to wherever your client tells you to go.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on storage, but be sure that whatever you use to store your makeup in is reliable. Most professional makeup artists use a makeup train case like this case by SHANY. If you have a network of other makeup artists, don’t be afraid to ask what they use.

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