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Tips For Travelling In Thailand


Thailand hardly needs any introductions, it is a well-trodden destination. With a vibrant local culture, cuisine, history, pristine beaches, friendly locals and cheap prices, it is the dream destination. However, before you decide to take a trip, to this South East Asian nation, it is a good idea to brush up on your knowledge of the local landscape. It’s an easy country to travel to but there is no harm in learning some useful tips and tricks to navigate your way through and make your trip all the easier going and memorable. 

1. Accommodations

Thailand is very cheap when it comes to accommodations. You can find all manner of lodging and guesthouses at affordable rates. If you’re looking for one, it can also offer a spectacular five star living experience.

2. Food

Food is also cheap and plenty. If you want Thai food at its best, take a tour of downtown Bangkok to savor street food

3. Sites to visit

Explore Bangkok to experience its true vibrancy and take a tour of Chiang Mai to see the temples.

Thailand has a lot to offer to every traveller.  It is a unique experience for all. There is much more to the country than what meets the eye. You may think you know it, thanks to promotional tourist-y stuff on the internet, but that’s not all. If you want a uniquely crafted and authentic Thai travelling experience, then turn to this handy and useful app in Thailand that will transform the way you travel.       

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