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Are Unlimited Cell Phone Plans Really Worth the Cost?

With people now being dependent on mobile phones more than ever, these technological inventions are no more considered objects of luxury. Instead, these are more of a necessity. Gone past is the days when people would be hooked on to their landline phones for making everyday calls. Cell phones now have a host of features which allow an individual to send text messages, or even go online and check their emails.


The mobile phone industry has developed tremendously, and this has effectively paved the way for quicker and more efficient ways of communicating. Unlimited calling plans, although introduced as a result of development and between network service providers, have now become increasingly popular. The popularity is even attributed to flexibility and convenience which unlimited cell phone plans offer.

An Unlimited calling feature is also a way in which a network provider encourages subscribers to make extra use of the service. In fact, service providers also use this service to tempt prospective customers into switching over to their networks.

Unlimited calling features include limitless voice call and sending of text messages, all combined under a single package. Some other popular promotions also include unlimited weekend or night calls, or the plan could also be extended to allow access to the internet via your phone.

Almost all network service providers unlimited plans, they still vary significantly among themselves in some way or the other.

Some very popular plans are offered by AT&T, Boost Mobile, Cricket, N10, Metrics, Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile. Boost Mobile was amongst the first providers to offer the unlimited package and included calling, text messages and also a data plan. The features and price vary, although usually by a very small amount, between all the networks. Unlimited calling plans and text messages typically cost about $50 a month.

Coming to the point whether unlimited plans are actually worth or not, this entirely depends on the usage of your phone. If you constantly need to be in contact, these could very well prove to be the best option. Neither do you have to rely on night plans, nor are you required to pay for additional airtime?

Unlimited plans, however, may not be feasible for those who only require a cell phone for normal use. Mostly bought as a cost-cutting measure, unlimited calling plans have proved to be best for families and corporate executives.

Nevertheless, there are a number of aspects that one must consider when choosing an unlimited plan. A potential customer may have a difficult time in selecting between the numerous providers, and this is precisely where a good research can come in handy.

When selecting a network service provider to go with, compare between the price, service quality, features and of course, the customer service. To make the best out of your calling plan, determine if you really need unlimited calling. And if you, do you just need it for during nights, weekends or throughout the day. Paying for features you do not need will only result in you paying extra, and this might not be economically feasible.

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