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What to Expect When You First Get Dentures

An estimated 49 million adults in America wear dentures. Living with this new sort of teeth takes some getting used to. As you prepare to make the transition into life using a dental device, you want to bear in mind that an adjustment period is essential. You will need to understand how to speak, eat and care for your new mouthpiece. You can explore dentures via

What to Expect When You First Get Dentures

It is helpful to know what to expect. This is particularly important at the very beginning of your dental experience. On the very first day that you get dentures, they might seem very strange to you. They may feel too large for the size of your mouth or might make your lips feel as though they aren't in the ideal location.

You'll have to reside on a liquid diet for the first couple of days. When you begin to eat solid foods, start off slowly. The adjustment period has only just started. Soft foods are your best option. Cooked vegetables such as carrots and potatoes are a fantastic place to start, as are eggs, fish, and chopped meat.

Sometimes, someone will start with a temporary pair of dentures, which is replaced with a permanent set at a later date. This may involve another period of adjustment but this shouldn't take as long to adapt to.

From the time the permanent ones come together, your gums probably will have treated. This means you won't experience as many problems with regard to how they fit in your mouth. At the same time, you will know what to expect and what to do since you'll have gone through it all before. 

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