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Why the Apple Body Can Be Beaten

When one first hears the term an “apple body”, it hardly sounds desirable. However, while the immediate belief is that this body shape is rather unattractive, in truth it can work very well from a fashion point of view and countless celebrities, including the likes of Eva Longoria and Drew Barrymore, are said to have a body that resembles the apple.

In a bid to provide clarification, we really should highlight exactly what we mean in respect of this body shape. With the typical apple is almost shaped like a flat love-heart, if you take the two curves at the top into consideration, this is actually what a lot of bodies are formed like. The curves from the top of the apple represent the chest area, while the body tends to become slimmer as it approaches the hips.


Suffice to say, this shape is anything but unattractive and it can be possible to create a hugely stylish appearance based on it. The main aim is to highlight the legs and torso, which will appear to be the slimmest areas of the body is correctly combined with the chest area. To perfect the appearance, fashion has come to the rescue and if you can follow the tips detailed below, you will be able to beat the apple shape and look much better for it.

V-necks work wonders One of the drawbacks with the apple body shape is that the torso appears short and this can be mistaken for fat if you don’t style your outfit correctly. Therefore, you need to do everything possible to create the long illusion, with V-necks working wonders for this task. They will trick the eye, whether it needs deceiving or not, into thinking that your upper body is longer than it actually is. As well as the length, this will also make your torso appear that little bit skinnier.

Belts are THE crucial accessory If you are to use any accessory, it simply has to be the belt. If you can find one to fit the smallest part of your waist you will have almost perfected the look already, as this will help emphasize that particular area. The shorter the skirt the bigger the effect Short skirts will fall completely flat in some situations, but in this one, they work a treat. The legs of the typical apple body woman are the part that needs to be showed off the most, as the shape makes them appear that much skinnier. Therefore, short skirts are a must in order to show those pins off to the world and if you are still on the lookout for this sort of clothing, click here to take a look at short skirts from a specialist designer.

Invest in good quality bras well as the legs, the chest region needs to be emphasized to the hilt as well. It’s, therefore, necessary to invest in a good quality bra that will provide support to boost the bosom area. If you can achieve this, you’ll be adding to those curves and boosting all of the elements that can make the apple body very attractive.